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Jumanji Takes It to the Next Level

Elsa, that Disney maven of ice and snow, is a pretty powerful princess, to be sure. She and her chilly cohorts spent three whole weeks


Culture Clips: Tis the Season … for Awards

Forget the snowball fights so picturesquely common this time of year. In 2019—at least at Netflix’s movie headquarters—they’ll be pelting each other with Golden Globes.


Introducing The Plugged In Show

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I wonder if Plugged In is ever going to do a podcast, because it seems like they should,” well,


Frozen II Ices Another Win

Sometimes we don’t want something new. Sometimes, during Christmas, kids open their presents, take a quick glance at their shiny new toys and pick up

Plugged In Parent’s Guide to Today’s Technology


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