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Frozen II Proves It’s No Turkey

Frozen II entered its second week as, technically, a leftover. But as any Thanksgiving-loving American knows, sometimes leftovers are the best. So no one was


Frozen II Chills at No. 1

Joker aside, the box office has suffered through a bit of a cold spell since, oh, The Lion King was roaring. Sequels underperformed. Durable franchises


Ford v Ferrari Takes Checkered Flag

Sure, the showdown between Ford and Ferrari was a big deal back in the day. But when it comes to this weekend’s box-office tourney, it


Terminator is Back. Barely.

Terminator: Dark Fate was as good as its name this weekend. Despite four new movies and a couple of strong holdovers, the latest chapter in


Is This Joker’s Last Laugh?

Maybe it’s only appropriate for a character that’s been around since 1940: Warner Bros.’ Joker just won’t go away. The supervillain origin story laughed all


Maleficent Manages the Win

It was a dandy weekend for the bad guys. Well, not bad bad guys, necessarily. Many of these black hats hide hearts of gold. Take

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