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Invisible Man Materializes at No. 1

You can’t actually see the Invisible Man, pretty much by definition. Which makes this weekend’s box-office champ a bit of a paradox. Lots of people


Sonic Rings Up Another Win

This weekend’s box-office tourney featured a showdown between PG-rated films, pitting defending champ Sonic the Hedgehog against new contender Call of the Wild. And if


Introducing Plugged In 4.0

Way, way back in the dark ages of the last millennium, Plugged In launched the first iteration of our website. The year was 1999, and


Sonic Shows Its Teeth

Amazing what a makeover can do, isn’t it? Last April, it looked as if the fastest hedgehog in entertainment was headed straight for a brick


Hollywood’s Sex Scene Disconnect

Actress and director Olivia Wilde wants to make filming sex scenes safer for the actors and actresses involved. Specifically, she’s spearheading an effort to “make


Culture Clips: Moving on From the Oscars?

Yesterday, we talked about Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar speech and briefly mentioned that, relatively speaking, not very many folks watched it. Oh, sure. In an age


What This Year’s Oscars Can Teach Us

Ratings for the Oscars telecast are in, and they’re … not good. Just 23.6 million viewers tuned in to watch Parasite walk away with Best


Birds of Prey Glides to First

A resounding victory, it wasn’t. Still, Birds of Prey did flap to first place on the weekend’s box-office charts, as expected, ending Bad Boys For

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