The Plugged In Show, Episode 148: Pinocchio Reloaded (plus Netflix’s The Sandman)

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For a little wooden boy, Pinocchio sure has a lot of pop-culture life in him.

He’s been the star of at least 20 movies and television shows, from Belgium’s 1965 Pinocchio in Outer Space to 1996’s direct-to-video horror flick Pinocchio’s Revenge. Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro will take his own crack at the sentient puppet this December.

But for this installment of The Plugged In Show, we’re tackling the version most of us are familiar with: Disney’s.

The Mouse House just released a live-action take on its own 1940 animated classic, and both are now streaming on Disney+. And as you might expect, the newest sports some changes. In some ways, it’s actually cleaner than the 1940 version (no smoking allowed on Pleasure Island, for instance). But is it better? Well … we’ll get into that. Promise. We won’t string you along.

And once we’re done nosing through that subject, we’ll turn our attention to The Sandman, Netflix’s hit fantasy show based on a DC Comics god. (And he’s not the only DC deity we meet.) We’ll not spoil the conversation for you, but heads up: The show is far from dreamy.

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