The Plugged In Show, Episode 158: Willow, Wingfeather and a Wee Bit of Wisdom

The Wingfeather Saga and Willow - Plugged In Show Episode 158


This is going to be a fantastic show.

I’m not referring to the quality of the show (though hopefully that, too). I’m talking about the content. This truly will be a fantastical episode of The Plugged In Show, because we’ll be telling you all about two fantasy offerings in the world of television.

First up: Angel Studios’ new animated show The Wingfeather Saga, based on Andrew Peterson’s bestselling series of books. I’ll be talking with the show’s producers, Peterson and J. Chris Wall, all about bringing this saga to life. And we’ll talk a little bit about the fantasy genre itself, and whether it allows storytellers more leeway in crafting stories with a spiritual bent.

Next, we’ll discuss Willow, on Disney+. Some of you of a particular age may remember a movie called Willow—a 1988 comedy adventure that introduced the world to CGI. Well, this new show is a sequel of sorts, featuring high-spirited derring-do, a few good chuckles and, unfortunately, a dollop of problematic content.

So pop in your earbuds, climb aboard your dragon (or vehicle and/or chair of choice) and listen to us wing our way through a couple of (ahem) fantastic conversations. Then send a message to us through your handy-dandy Palantir to tell us what you thought. And if you misplaced your Palantir (as some have been known to do), you can always check in on Facebook, Instagram or send us an email at [email protected]

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