Denzel Washington, Dana Canedy and Virgil Williams talk faith, film and A Journal For Jordan

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Every December around Christmas, moviemakers fill theaters with some of the biggest, buzziest films of the year. And even in these still theatrically thin times, we saw plenty in 2021, too—from The Matrix Resurrections to Sing 2 to American Underdog to the record-setting Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Given all that traffic, you could be forgiven for overlooking A Journal for Jordan, which stars Michael B. Jordan and is directed by Denzel Washington.

A Journal for Jordan has some content issues, to be sure. Before watching, check out our review. But it’s also an inspiring family story about a father’s love for his son—a love that ultimately transcends even death. It’s about love and duty and even a bit about faith, too. Washington—an outspoken Christian—made sure of that. He said in a conversation facilitated by Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ (that Plugged In had the opportunity of sitting in on) that he tried to put as many prayers as he could in the thing.

“God is love,” Washington said during the conversation (which also included Dana Canedy, who wrote the memoir on which the movie is based, and screenwriter Virgil Williams). “God is light. He shines His light and His love through us. And we share His love to the world.”

For those who are interested in watching the full conversation, feel free to check it out here:

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  1. -My favorite actor- always impressed by Denzel, especially when he says the part about shining Gods light. Especially in today’s world….

    1. -Which quick add on comment have to say i only hope realizes Repentance, Salvation, and the need to stand up for morales as well as Gods and only Gods design. This world is crazy and messed up but know if we show how we are in Christ it can change those who need it.

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