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Bill and Ted Face the New Mutants

Sure, the movie biz isn’t quite as lively as it used to be. But as movie theaters slowly pry their doors back open, the cinematic


Can’t Keep a Good Evil Empire Down

The empire did indeed strike back: The Disney empire, that is. We’re back again with an encore Movie Monday, but only because the box-office charts


So How’d Trolls World Tour Do?

Each Monday for a long time now, Plugged In has dutifully reported on the weekend box office. Then that dreaded C-thing showed up. Coronavirus shuttered


Onward Wins, Box Office Loses

The winner this weekend? The coronavirus. It was inevitable, really. With Hollywood pushing off new releases and many cities and states restricting large gatherings, the


Onward Conjures Up First-Place Finish

No quest worth its salt is ever easy. Just ask the folks behind Onward. Pixar’s latest flick had to dodge controversy, leap competitors and wrestle

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