The Plugged In Show, Episode 87: A Look at Space Jam and a Conversation With an American Idol


Who’s better, LeBron James or Michael Jordan? If you’re talking about basketball, the answer’s obvious, right? Steph Curry. But if you’re talking the ability to hold your own with the most famous animated rabbit in the world, you just might have a robust debate on your hands.

A rollicking discussion of Space Jam: A New Legacy (and it’s much-beloved predecessor Space Jam) is on tap for part of this episode of The Plugged In Show. Emily Clark and Lauren Cook, who both grew up with the original, compare and contrast the two and enlighten us on what works, what doesn’t and why families should care.

Then our own Adam Holz sits down with former American Idol contestant Phil Stacey to discuss the power and influence of music. Why does it move us like it does? Why can that make it all the more problematic? Moms and dads will learn how to better navigate their families’ entertainment choices, and all of us will be treated to a real slam dunk of a show.

Check out everything we talk about below!

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Questions for Your Family:

What are your dreams? What really excites you about the future?

What makes you want to work hard? What hinders you from giving your best?

How can we, as a mom or dad, do better in hearing your heart and encouraging you in the areas where you’re passionate?

Plugged In Review: Space Jam

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