The Plugged In show, Episode 78: Instagram for Kids? Experts Say, ‘No Way!’


For the most part, preteens aren’t officially encouraged to have their own social media profiles. Sure, we find a few exceptions here and there, and lots of kids circumvent the rules. But Facebook? YouTube? Instagram? Yeah, you technically have to be at least 13 to sign up. For now.

Earlier this spring, we learned that Facebook—which also owns the popular social network Instagram–was exploring the idea of creating an Instagram for younger kids.

The reaction was swift and largely negative. Experts weighed in, citing studies that show social media can have a huge negative impact on young users. (Instagram, with its focus on pictures, can be particularly problematic, especially when it comes to issues such as body image.) Just last week, attorneys general in 44 states and territories asked Facebook to drop its Instagram-for-kids plans. As CNBC quipped, “Protecting children from harm online appears to be one of the rare motivators both Democrats and Republicans can agree on.”

The Plugged In team took on this timely topic for this week’s podcast, discussing the influence social media has on especially its youngest users. But we go deeper, too, giving parents some practical advice on how they can safeguard their kids.

Take a listen—and check out everything we talk about on this podcast, too.

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