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TV Series Review

The world is coming to an end, slowly. Annual rainfall is terrifyingly low. There is a drought-induced global food shortage. Death and destruction are pervasive. And the world’s water supply is predicted to drop even further: by 40 percent in the next 10 years. 

In South Korea, the government steps in to help with an organization called the National Committee For Human Survival Measures. The fix, however unfair or ineffective it may seem, is to ration water by class where each person is given a rank and a specialized card that dictates how much water one may consume. 

It’s not a long-term, sustainable solution, but it’s all anyone has for now. The only hope seems to lie in outer space. 

See, the Space and Aeronautics Administration sent a team of astronauts and experts, five years prior, to a moon-based research facility called Belhae Lunar. Their mission was to safely bring back top-secret samples to earth, presumably to help the water crisis. 

But no one actually knew what these top-secret samples were. And even if someone did, no one ever made it back. 

That mysterious loss included the sister of prominent astrobiologist Dr. Song. Now, five years later and still reeling from her sister’s tragic passing, Dr. Song has been asked to join the newest crew headed for Belhae Station. Their mission this time around? Frighteningly similar to the old one: To recover the top-secret samples left at the abandoned station within 24 hours. 

Song is apprehensive. After all, why would she, a scientist, join a mission steeped in all this mystery and danger? Why would she go on the same sort of mission that cost her sister her life? 

Perhaps because Earth has nothing left to offer. This is what she and the entire crew contemplate as they rocket to space.

But instead of landing safely, their ship crashes on the surface of the moon. Now, Song, Captain Han and the rest of the crew must travel by foot to the station before they run out of oxygen. 

Yet when they arrive at Belhae they’re greeted with mayhem and government secrets steeped in a gravity of their own. 

Earth to Moon

In space, anything goes. But the same is true of earth these days. If you don’t believe me, ask viewers of Netflix’s latest foreign-language sci-fi drama, The Silent Sea. 

This TV-MA Korean series comes on the heels of the most popular show in Netflix’s history, Squid Game, which also originated in South Korea. But instead of a fight-to-the-death meets thriller sort of story, The Silent Sea rests on suspense and the hook of the vast expanse that is space. 

But that vast expanse provides plenty of space for loads of profanity (including the f-word) and some extremely wince-worthy moments of violence, all fitting with the series’ -TV-MA rating.

Episode Reviews

Dec. 24, 2021, Episode One: “Belhae Lunar Research Station”

Dr. Song agrees to join a team of astronauts and experts on a 24-hour mission to space to visit an abandoned space station. But when the ship crashes, the crew must do whatever it can to survive and complete its mission. 

A space shuttle crash lands on the moon. Multiple people are injured and some die. One man suffers a punctured lung post crash, vomits blood and later dies. Still, another man lies on the ground while blood pours from his mouth. 

We hear the f-word used three times and the s-word used twice. Other profanity includes words such as “d-mmit” and “son of a b–ch.”

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