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Bill and Ted Face the New Mutants

Sure, the movie biz isn’t quite as lively as it used to be. But as movie theaters slowly pry their doors back open, the cinematic


Cardi B Defends Explicit Hit as ‘Normal’

Cardi B’s latest hit, “WAP,” has topped the charts and stirred up enormous commentary and controversy over the last several weeks. Plugged In hasn’t reviewed


An Interview With Selfie Dad’s Michael Jr.

In the new faith-based movie Selfie Dad, now available at streaming outlets online, comedian Michael Jr. plays Ben Marcus. He’s a struggling father and husband


Some Good News About ‘Some Good News’

Perhaps one of the most exhausting things about the coronavirus epidemic is the nonstop negative coverage about the coronavirus epidemic. And the news can be


Culture Clips: And Now for Some Good News

The coronavirus continues to dominate each and every news cycle, touching as it does nearly every aspect of our lives. And the vast majority of

Plugged In Parent’s Guide to Today’s Technology


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