The Plugged In Show, Episode 143: Your Kid and YouTube (Plus Out of My Heart)

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It’s no secret that kids love YouTube. Studies show that many children and teens would rather watch YouTube than any other entertainment medium. And, as such, Plugged In tries to cover as much of YouTube as we can. But it’s impossible to cover it all.

How impossible? Consider: More than 30,000 hours of new content is uploaded to YouTube each and every hour. If Plugged In hired enough people to watch it all (assuming 40-hour workweeks), we’d need to add 126,000 people to our full-time staff of five. And if we wanted them to, y’know, actually write reviews and stuff, we’d need to hire even more.

I’m told we don’t have the budget for that sort of staff increase. Which is why, on this episode of The Plugged In Show, we give moms and dads a few pointers on how to reel in the YouTube leviathan in their own homes—navigating how their sons and daughters use YouTube and how they can best curb and enjoy it.

And then, Bob Hoose and I go old school. We’ll sit down and talk about the book Out of My Heart. And we’ll open the conversation up to talk about books in general.

You might say that we’ll have this conversation … covered.

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  1. -Thank you so much for reviewing out of my heart. I am a young adult with cerebral palsy. I read the first book about Melody called out of my mind when I was asked to do a presentation on it for my little sisters grade 6 class a few years ago and I loved it. I can talk but I can’t walk so I can relate to the character on some level and I can’t wait to read this book I didn’t even know it was out. Thank you for highlighting it because I wasn’t looking for it.