‘Show Me the Father’ Invites Dads to Engage

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Today, the latest movie from Alex and Stephen Kendrick lands in theaters: Show Me the Father. In many ways, it’s a lot like the stories we’ve seen from these talented storytelling siblings in the past, movies like Courageous and Fireproof, Facing the Giants and War Room. It deals with fatherhood, family and faith.

What sets this movie apart, though, is that it is the Kendrick Brothers’ first documentary. They focus on five different dads and their stories of fatherhood—both the experiences they had with their father, and their journey as dads and father figures themselves. You can read more about the film in our review here.

As a father of three myself, I found the stories in Show Me the Father—including the heartrending, but ultimately redemptive fatherhood journey of Focus on the Family president Jim Daly—incredibly moving. I’d also add that the Kendricks have managed to pull off a pretty difficult task, at least from my perspective: encouraging me to be a better dad without making me feel like a failure in the process.

Let’s face it: Sometimes being a dad can feel hard. We want to do better, and we know we should. But as men, we also don’t like to be told we’re blowing it. It doesn’t take much for me to get defensive if someone starts critiquing my performance in this role.

In contrast, the Kendricks use relatable, encouraging stories to help us see that while we may stumble as dads, there’s lifegiving hope to be found in our relationship with the Father who never fails us: our heavenly Father. As the credits rolled, I felt challenged, but I didn’t feel condemned or hopeless. I wanted to know God better so that I could, in turn, love my kids (and my wife!) better.

To make good on that desire, I think we as fathers need ongoing encouragement. Hopefully we’re finding that kind of motivation in church or perhaps with other men in small group.

That said, Focus on the Family would like to help you grow as a dad, too. So we’re put together the 30-Day Intentional Dad Challenge. Sign up, and each day for 30 days we’ll text you a simple challenge that will help you connect more meaningfully with your kids. We want to help you achieve one concrete win a day as you intentionally engage with your children.


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Fatherhood is a subject close to Jim Daly’s heart. At five years old, Jim was abandoned by his own father, but at 15, he found a faultless Father in God. Now a dad to two sons, Jim has shared his story to help other dads learn how to lead their children well.
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