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If you’ve read one of Plugged In’s reviews of an NCIS show, you’ve likely read them all. CBS evidently knows what their viewers want, and they’re more than happy to keep churning out the episodic crime series—but this time, it’s in Hawaii.

In this iteration, we’ll follow Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Jane Tennant and her team of clever criminal catchers: Special Agent Jesse Boone, Junior Agent Lucy Tara, Cyber Intelligence Specialist Ernie Malik and, the newest addition, agent Kai Holman. Together, the team cracks all sorts of cases—some of which threaten not only Hawaii, but the world (or, at least, the diplomatic relations of the world).

Viewers may want to note that Lucy begins a homosexual relationship with another woman from the first episode of Season One—one that eventually continues into a “more domestic light” in Season Two.

And like previous iterations, the agents’ jobs engage them in a world where punches are thrown, bullets fly, and people are killed. Explosions dot the tropical skyline faster than the resulting flaming trees can be replanted. And Jane has to juggle all of that while also being a present and loving mother to her children.

Despite the team’s best efforts, it doesn’t appear that the dozens upon dozens of bad guys are going anywhere, and that seems to be the same case with NCIS: Hawai’i and its predecessor shows.

Episode Reviews

Sept. 20, 2021 – S1, Ep1: “Pilot”

When a jet crashes into a hillside, most people believe it to be an accident, but Jane Tennant suspects foul play.

The jet smashes into a hillside, exploding and killing the pilot. Men fight one another for a knife, and women punch each other, both falling down a flight of stairs. A man shoots at NCIS agents. Someone tries to run over a man with a car. A woman’s body is found in a car crash, and we hear that her neck was snapped. Police officers abuse their authority. Men are said to have put their hands on a female bartender, and the men reply they only wanted to see her necklace. A woman punches Kai.

Two women passionately kiss one another. Someone asks if a bar has any action, and Kai responds that it’s all “foreplay.” People are seen in swimsuits.

There are a few references to alcohol or instances of drinking. A man makes a reference to a drug overdose.

“P-ss” is used three times. “H—” and “d–n” are both used twice. “A–” and “crap” are both used once.

Sept. 19, 2022 – S2, Ep1: “Prisoners’ Dilemma”

Tennant’s team joins forces with NCIS agents Jessica Knight and Nick Torres in order to take down a criminal planning an attack on a maritime warfare exercise.

Three people are found dead from poison. A man attempts to release a nerve gas on military and civilians alike. People fistfight. A man throws a glass at someone when he tries to shoot them.

Two women kiss passionately a couple times, and more intimate actions are implied the second time. The women also discuss their romantic relationship in order to help a man focus. We hear a brief reference to sex.

A woman begins to say a prayer. There’s a reference to meditation. People drink alcohol.

God’s name is taken in vain twice. “H—” and “a–” are also heard occasionally.

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