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Mulligan season 1





Emily Tsiao

TV Series Review

When aliens attack Earth, killing all but 1,132 people living in Washington, D.C., it falls to Matty Mulligan to rebuild civilization in this animated Netflix series.

Matty definitely isn’t anyone’s first choice for this task. By his own admission, he’s not smart. The only real job he’s ever had was letting scientists spray perfume in his eyes. He’s not good at making lists, and he struggles at finding his way home sometimes.

But he’s good at throwing. And one well-aimed grenade took out the hive-mind ship, causing the rest of the extraterrestrial invaders to crash their ships and die. So, Matty’s president of the United States now.

The aliens never stood a chance, but neither does civilization.

Mulligan Dull-igan

If you can think of it, Mulligan probably makes fun of it: war, politics, religion, race, conspiracy theories, sex, gender, pageants, etc. So basically, it’s just a ton of offensive content that’s supposed to make you laugh but really makes you roll your eyes.

We hear some harsh language (including misuses of God’s name paired with “d–n.”). There’s no nudity, but characters are sometimes drawn with little clothing. People talk about sex and make out heavily (animals do, too). And the invading aliens are hermaphroditic, allowing males to lay eggs and resulting in seemingly same-sex relationships among the species.

When the aliens attack, many people are blown up or consumed by fire or sometimes just vaporized. But the violence doesn’t stop after they die. Matty chops off the arm of the sole surviving alien (the general of the invasion force). This alien later lays eggs that mutate into monsters (a result of the eggs not getting inseminated) and attack people. And we see and/or hear many other violent jokes.

During an Easter-themed episode, religion as a whole is criticized and mocked. But most of the jokes are specifically aimed at Christianity.

So should you watch Mulligan? Let me mull that over.


Episode Reviews

May 12, 2023 – S1, Ep1: “The Great Mulligan”

After saving Earth from an alien invasion, Matty Mulligan is asked to rebuild society as the president.

People are blown up, consumed by fire and vaporized by alien forces. Mulligan blows up the lead alien ship with a grenade, causing all the other alien ships to crash as well. A man chops off an alien’s arm (later, the arm grows back, and the man lies, saying that he knew it would).

A kid steals a uniform off a corpse. People assume the child is a general and put him in charge of weapons. There’s a joke about gun control. A zookeeper serving meat to the surviving animals says the meat is an elephant that exploded during the alien attack. A man in a mascot costume cries that the outfit is fused to his skin while others laugh at him. We hear about an attempted drowning.

A couple makes out a few times. After a crude comment about animals wanting sex, we see two birds with their tongues entwined. We also hear several crude jokes about sex. Some female characters are drawn in revealing clothing. It’s noted that an alien is technically naked. We see a man from the waist up bathing in a fountain.

We hear a few uses each of “a–,” “h—” and “p-ss.” God’s name is abused several times, too (sometimes paired with “d–mit”). There’s a rude joke about God and others about Catholicism. We see a woman wearing a hijab.

People smoke and drink. Characters steal, lie, manipulate and cheat. There are multiple racist and sexist jokes. Mulligan and others act selfishly. A woman repeatedly complains about her children, noting their “nanny” (really a tablet) melted during the attack. A man “negs” a woman—an attempt to woo her by making her feel bad about herself.

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