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Darius Bowman has always dreamed about seeing a dinosaur in real life. He and his dad used to talk about going to the prehistoric zoo Jurassic World all the time before he died, though visiting was just outside their reach. And although they never got to go together, Darius will be able to realize that shared dream for the both of them.

Darius has just won the latest virtual reality Jurassic World video game. His prize? An all-expense paid trip to Isla Nublar, to take part in a new program called Camp Cretaceous.

A little nervous but mostly excited, “dino-nerd” Darius, as his brother likes to call him, packs his bags and flies across the world to Isla Nublar. There, he meets his two camp counselors, Roxie and Dave, along with five fellow high-school campers: There’s internet famous Brooklyn, elite athlete Yasmina, wealthy and spoiled Kenji, nervous Ben and the mysterious Sammy.

Together, these six high schoolers are in for a real treat. With the promise of zip-lining, great food, fun experiences and, naturally, endless dinosaur viewing, who wouldn’t want to be a part of the best camp in the world? After all, the only rule is to obey a strict 8 p.m. curfew.

But even one rule is hard to follow. And when Darius and his friends get curious about what goes on after hours, things start to unravel. Vicious, colossal creatures are accidentally let loose and the campers are forced to band together to make it off the island before they become extinct.

Jurassic World: High School Edition

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous is Netflix’s latest wade into the Jurassic Park franchise. Aimed at elementary-aged kids and middle schoolers, this series has plenty of fun to offer with great animation, dazzling sights and a wide range of characters.

But since it’s about an island where dinosaurs run loose and kids fight to stay alive, parents should be aware of some potential sticking points.

First, there’s a bit of violence. Nothing is directly shown, but when a character dies (and characters do die) it’s obvious. Scenes can sometimes be too scary for little viewers. We see and hear a few rude actions and language, as well as some unfavorable jokes.

This is a show that, while it has a few questionable artifacts, is still filled with animated fun. And if your kiddos watch it, they just might hope that they too were headed to the craziest summer camp in the world.

Episode Reviews

Sept. 18, 2020: “Camp Cretaceous”

Darius beats his Jurassic World game and is offered a chance to go to Isla Nublar and attend Camp Cretaceous.

A few campers are rude to one another. Kids say “oh god” when attacked by a dinosaur. Darius says, “crud” and “dang it.” Darius’ brother calls him a “dino nerd” and makes a joke about how he needs to shower. A girl makes a joke about “toxic masculinity.”

A man is killed by a dinosaur in a video game. A camper throws up into the ocean.

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