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Animation studio Hanna-Barbera has created some of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time…but what would happen if they were thrown together into one city?

Welcome to Jellystone, one of the most chaotic places you’ll ever visit. Here, Hanna-Barbera’s catalog of characters is dumped into one city, headlined by Yogi Bear and his friends Boo-Boo and Cindy. Everyone from Huckleberry Hound to Captain Caveman to Doggie Daddy is here, occupying different roles in this crossover universe. Huckleberry Hound is Jellystone’s mayor, Magilla Gorilla runs a clothing store, and Yogi, Boo-Boo and Cindy are doctors at the hospital.

What could possibly go wrong?

Saturday Morning Shenanigans

Yogi Bear has been entertaining children through movies and television shows since 1958, and that doesn’t stop with Jellystone! The TV-G cartoon provides enough exciting scenarios and slapstick comedy to keep any kid entertained, even those unfamiliar with Yogi Bear and his friends.

There’s some chaos and destruction to be aware of, as Yogi and his friends wreak mild havoc around Jellystone. Some toilet humor is also present. But we also find strong themes of friendship, particularly between Yogi and Boo-Boo, who will go to any lengths to take care of each other.

You won’t find any deep and complex messages here, but overall, Jellystone! provides a fun adventure into some classic cartoons for a new generation to enjoy.

Episode Reviews

July 29, 2021: “Yogi’s Tummy Trouble/Gorilla in Our Midst”

In the episode’s first segment, Cindy Bear tries to help Yogi by giving him a “nuclear stomach” that allows him to eat as much as he wants without getting full, accidentally giving him an insatiable appetite and sending him on an eating rampage throughout town.

In the second, Yogi, Cindy and Boo-Boo try to wake up the giant gorilla Grape Ape when he falls asleep in the middle of Jellystone.

During the first segment, “Yogi’s Tummy Troubles,” Yogi causes extreme destruction by going on a rampage and swallowing everything from street lamps to buildings to his own friends. Everything (and everyone) that he eats ends up floating around in the huge void that exists in his stomach. An old woman flatlines in the hospital, though Yogi is able to save her and bring her back to life. Cindy hits Yogi on the head with a frying pan multiple times to knock him out. She also covers Augie, a young female dog, in barbeque sauce so that Yogi will eat her, thinking it will stop his insatiable stomach. (Yogi swallows her whole and his mouth is covered with sauce that resembles blood.) Cindy tells a large audience of townspeople that she was in the bathroom “pooping a big poop.” A witch running the hospital cafeteria uses magic to conjure food, and Mayor Huckleberry (Huckleberry Hound from the original cartoons) says that he sometimes hears ghosts. Yogi calls Cindy a “crazy voodoo witch.” The exclamations “oh gosh” and “oh nuts” are used, as well as the word “cruddy.”

In the second segment, Grape Ape collapses in the middle of town, causing fires and destruction. Cindy takes a chunk out of the anthropomorphic sun in her plan to wake him up, causing the sun to scream in pain. An animal townsperson is briefly shown in the bath covering himself with his arms. Yogi and Boo-Boo are accidentally swallowed by Grape Ape, and after they escape, claim they got out “a different way.” “We’re not answering any more questions,” Boo-Boo says, clearly somewhat traumatized by their escape route. Grape Ape also belches powerfully a few times. After Boo-Boo is swallowed, Yogi asks him if he’s dead; “I don’t think so,” Boo-Boo responds, “This doesn’t seem like heaven.” Yogi asks him if he sees any angels or harps, but Boo-Boo says there’s just “a ton of pasta,” to which Yogi exclaims, “Oh no, he is in heaven!” Two characters use the expression “oh, beans.”

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