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Kristin Smith

TV Series Review

Planet earth has become a shadow of what it once was. Turns out, humans aren’t that capable of taking care of their own planet and now they’re suffering the consequences. 

But they’re still fairly intelligent. And to prove it, they’ve come up with a solution. They’ve genetically modified man’s best friend and sent them into space to save the day. These new dogs have pliable thumbs, advanced cerebral capacities and the ability to speak. And they’re now living in space as part of P.R.A.T.S, the Planetary Relocation and Terraforming Syndicate. Their job? Scour the cosmos to try and find humans a new home.

Yet, some are better than others at this mission. Just ask Captain Garbage. He’s convinced that he and his crew are the best suited canines for the job–even if he’s also an inherent rule breaker, and his crew has some quirks of its own. Stella is his right-hand tactical officer who seems to have the highest amount of common sense; Nomi is the crew’s trigger-friendly pilot; Ed, while officially called the Ambassador, is really just interested in looting planets; Chonies is a med tech and officer and Loaf is a nervous wreck of a surveillance officer. 

Together, this pack of cosmic canines embark on dangerous journeys, going toe-to-toe with aliens to try and find the perfect planet. Many may be against them, including their own council, Garbage’s pessimistic rival Captain Happy and even Garbage’s own track record. But this group of semi-fearless doggies are all about defying the odds to save the human race. 

Netflix Originals Take Outer Space

Netflix’s Dogs in Space, rated TV-Y7, features a group of animated canines that have been told the only way to save their beloved humans is to go into space and find a substitute for planet earth. But along the way, Garbage and his crew begin to realize that something isn’t quite right. In fact, they’re not even sure their humans are alive anymore.

Take this plot and add to it sarcasm, mildly rude jokes, mature personalities and some mild insults and you’ve got a show that fits comfortably in that TV-Y7 category (for now). It’s not the worst of shows, and trust me I’ve reviewed a lot of TV, but there’s also not much that stands out by way of character or education. 

Episode Reviews

Nov. 18, 2021: “Fetch”

Canine Captain Garbage and his dog crew defy the rules and embark on a secret mission to find a planet that most closely resembles earth. 

Captain Garbage and his crew find a planet with aliens that are quite scary looking. When they find they aren’t peaceful, a shootout with blasters breaks out. Dogs punch and squish aliens. Nomi the dog is a bit obsessed with killing aliens with her blaster. Captain Garbage and his crew talk about the possibility of dying in space. 

A dog jokes about visiting a ghost planet. Dogs make rude jokes about one another. Captain Happy is rude and arrogant. A stressed dog overeats and exclaims that he’s always anxious. Ed the dog steals something valuable from every planet; he also steals valuables from his friends. 

A dog calls someone an “idiot” and says “poop,” as well as “for the love of belly rubs.”

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