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Welcome to the island of Beebopsburgh, where sounds come alive. Here, three bird buddies spend their days exploring the wonder of normal, everyday melodies. There’s Do, an inquisitive, creative owl; Re is a sweet but loud little hummingbird and Mi is a go-getting Blue Jay. 

You might think that wind blowing in the breeze, rain pouring from the sky or water rippling in the ocean is just that. But according to this birdie trio, if you listen closely, you’ll hear that each sound has its own beat and that every beat is worth exploring.

Every Little Tune

Do, Re & Mi, on Amazon Prime, is a TV-Y series that features three feathering friends who hear sounds each day that pique their interest and beg them to come explore. 

They often traverse the Falsetto Forest (where musical instruments grow), adventure on Music Mountain and even team up with Maestro Moon and stars Melody and Harmony to figure out where sounds come from and just how to sway to each rhythm. 

Littles will likely dance along to original songs and as they watch these bright, animated creatures they’ll come away with lessons on problem solving, kindness and friendship.

Episode Reviews

Sept. 17, 2021: “Curious Birdious/Rain Rain You Can Stay”

Do hears a sound and wants to see where it’s coming from with his own owl eyes; Do, Re and Mi want to have a picnic but run into trouble when a rainstorm foils their plans. 

Each bird learns to work through their frustrations and fears.

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