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Defenders: 1282010

“Nevada v. Dennis”

Pete defends Cody, a teenager accused of transporting guns with filed-off serial numbers. Cody had been delivering guns at the behest of his grandfather, a survivalist who maintains a private arsenal and sells weapons to “likeminded people.” Eventually, in order to save Cody, the old guy admits he knew the guns were altered. He’s arrested and Cody’s freed—but not before Pete unfairly threatens the prosecutor and mistreats the leader of a special interest group in his crusade to win the case. (For the record, it doesn’t seem that Pete cares much whether Cody’s innocent or not.)

Nick, meanwhile, is stopping authorities from euthanizing a performing bear that attacked a drunken heckler. He takes the case mostly because the bear’s owner is single and attractive. Afterward, he gives the woman a bottle of wine and which they plan to drink together at her place.

Several women—presumably prostitutes—are dressed scantily, revealing a lot of leg and cleavage. Gun rights activists are mocked, with Nick calling them “crackpots.” Language includes multiple uses of “d‑‑n,” “h‑‑‑” and “a‑‑.” “Cripes” stands in for Christ’s name.

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