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Kristin Smith

TV Series Review

In a chicken coop somewhere in suburban America, live a clutch of chickens and their trusty husky. Coop serves as the group’s idea guy, backed by super-strong Sweetie and speedy Little Boo. And, of course, we can’t forget the canine leader of the pack: Captain Tully.

The chicks devote their days to learning from Captain Tully about how to be the kind of fowl that anyone could be proud of. They always find new challenges and problems to solve, but these chickens never shy away from a chance to help those around them.

Three Chicks on A Mission

Disney Junior presents a new twist to superheroes: Chicken Squad.

Usually when you think of superheroes, you think of people with, well superpowers. But these little chickens’ powers are more of  the everyday nature. Here, kindness, teamwork and problem-solving are what save the day … along with some pretty fun gadgets. And in each 24-minute episode, broken into two parts, your toddlers and kindergarteners might learn how to move past everyday frustrations as they watch the chicks on screen, all while dancing and singing along to original songs.

Episode Reviews

May 14, 2021: “Chicken Squad to the Rescue/A Speedy Exit”

The chicks learn to work together to save a puppy in need. The chicks learn the importance of being on time.

Little Boo exclaims in frustration, “ah, feathers!” Each of the chicks get frustrated with one another, although they ultimately work through those frustrations. Captain Tully gets a bit impatient.

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Kristin Smith

Kristin Smith joined the Plugged In team in 2017. Formerly a Spanish and English teacher, Kristin loves reading literature and eating authentic Mexican tacos. She and her husband, Eddy, love raising their children Judah and Selah. Kristin also has a deep affection for coffee, music, her dog (Cali) and cat (Aslan).

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