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Marsella Evans

TV Series Review

Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird and the rest of their cartoon friends take on elaborate construction projects, which they finish easily in minutes. There is nothing they can’t build, and they love doing it together.

This high-energy show is geared toward preschool kids. The animation is colorful, and the characters are relentlessly cheerful. Occasional animal puns and a repeating “hard hat time” routine make this show extra fun. The short episodes have positive themes and almost no content concerns.

Episode Reviews

Jul. 25, 2022—S1, Ep1: “Splash Zone”

Bugs Bunny and crew are recruited to help the mayor build a water slide he promised the people when he was elected. The mayor goes a bit overboard with his planning, but everyone is excited to see the dream realized.

A friend of Bugs tries to get him to consider the difficulties of executing the mayor’s plans, and Bugs ignores and talks over her. Water floods the slide before the characters fix it. As they mayor continues to ask for improvements, Bugs often seems too quick to agree to everything—at least for his team’s liking. Bugs agrees to confer with the team before promising anything else, but then goes back on his promise and says they will continue to add to the slide. The slide collapses and Bugs flies through a small building, but he is unharmed. He eventually admits that he was wrong to not push back on the mayor’s requests, and they all learn the value of compromise.

Jul. 25, 2022—S1, Ep8: “Play Day”

Team members decide to build themselves a playground on their day off. Daffy duck is so excited about his own vision of the project that he overlooks his friends’ plans.

Characters drink juice “on ice.” Throughout the episode, the gang tries to convince Daffy to pay attention to other people’s opinions and share with them. The others don’t want to play with him because of his rudeness, so he gets lonely and decides to share.

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