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Emily Clark

TV Series Review

The Boss Baby is back … in the crib?

After the events of The Boss Baby: Family Business, an adult Ted Templeton is framed for embezzlement.

Ted’s innocent, but he can’t prove it. Not yet, anyway.

His only hope? Become a baby once again, stay with his brother Tim and figure out how to clear his name.

Easier said than done.

For starters, he’ll need a steady supply of the formula that keeps him infantile. And the only way to do that is to get a job at his old company, Baby Corp. But Baby Corp (which essentially increases serves as a PR firm for infants worldwide and distributes babies to loving families around the world) has changed a lot since he was CEO.

The new kid in charge, Nannycam No-Filter CEO Baby, doesn’t believe in increasing universal baby approval. Rather, she focuses on marketing the top 5% of the world’s cutest babies for maximum love with minimal effort.

No matter, Ted’s confident he can succeed. Let’s just hope he doesn’t throw his family under the bus in the process.

Family Business

If there’s one thing The Boss Baby franchise has achieved, it’s delivering the message that family is one of the most important things in life. And this new series from Netflix is no different.

There’s a bit of toilet humor, usually focused around diapers (practically a given, considering the age of the main characters). We also hear the occasional “oh my god,” “darn” and “dang.”

But otherwise, fans of these suit-wearing toddlers will find the same family-friendly humor (and good moral lessons) in each episode that we found in the previous two films and Netflix’s first series.

Episode Reviews

May 19, 2022 – S1, Ep1: “The Business Boss: Back in Baby”

Ted Templeton becomes a baby in order to hide from the FBI and gets a job at Baby Corp.

Ted learns via several phone calls that he’s been framed by the executive board of his company for embezzlement because they didn’t want to go to prison for stealing company money. He convinces his niece, Tabitha, to hack into Baby Corp. and nearly frames his other niece, Tina, for it. However, he has a change of heart and confesses the truth before she can get into trouble.

Carol, Tabitha and Tina’s mom, panics when she learns Ted has become a baby and that Tina can talk. She allows Ted to stay but only if he protects her girls and promises to help them have a normal childhood. Tabitha mentions a “demolishing my enemies” course.

A grandmother harshly pinches the cheeks of several babies, making them cry and ignoring the pleas of their parents to stop. Ted tricks her into watching a video of a baby so cute it actually hurts her eyes.

After shaking Ted’s hand, a baby confesses she didn’t wash her own hands after accidentally playing with a urinal cake. Someone mistakenly believes Ted makes an excrement joke. After saying “dang,” the speaker apologizes. We also hear a couple of misuses of God’s name and “darn.”

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