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Shanice wasn’t quite ready to be a mother. But after her baby girl was born, she decided she would push through postpartum depression, love her husband and learn to connect with her sweet infant. And that’s just what she did. 

But her efforts were erased one day in 2005 when she was driving to work and a green light appeared out of the sky, sucked her into the air and plopped her down into the future. Now, 16 years have passed. Shanice has no idea where her family could be or what’s going on, and she’s surrounded by thousands of others who are just as confused.

In fact, Shanice’s new home is filled with 4,400 people from all over the world and from all different time periods who now find themselves living in 2021. They’re all being held hostage in various hotels until government authorities can figure out how to explain what’s happening. None of these hostages, including Shanice, know how they’re suddenly living in the future, but they’re slowly piecing things together. 

Most seem to think that there might be extraterrestrial activity at play. Some believe this all to be a governmental ploy. There’s no way to be certain just yet. The only thing these survivors know is that they now have mysterious, secret powers and that they must uncover some dark lies if they have any hope of getting to the bottom of their new, warped reality. 

The Future Is 2021

Back in 2004, USA Network came out with a show that was a cross between X-Men and The X-Files. They called it The 4400. Now, The CW has taken over and has breathed new life into the old television series, creating their own reboot of the same name.

This latest iteration is similar to its predecessor in that no one quite knows if the missing 4,400 persons have been zapped into the future by aliens or by an evil government agency. But they’re sure going to find out. 

Every episode dives into someone else’s story, just enough to leave you confused and wonder how everything might tie together. There’s new mom Shanice who has now found out that her daughter is 16 years old and that her husband has been remarried for nine years; Claudette, from the civil rights movement, has super-healing abilities while referencing her abusive marriage to a reverend; teen Mildred has telekinetic powers and hints at growing up in an unstable home; LaDonna is a young woman with an addiction to her smartphone; Reverend Johnson seems like a friendly face but holds dark secrets; and Dr. Andre is a kind physician from the past. 

Each of these characters adds a new layer to the series as it progresses. So far, language and sexual content have been quite mild in this PG-rated show. However, there are still things parents should keep an eye on. Racism is a hot topic here and is frequently discussed. A female police officer works in close quarters with her girlfriend. Physical and mental abuse are both hinted at a few times. A few women sport cleavage-baring tops and a married couple make out while in bed. There are obvious powers that some people possess and although that’s not yet been discussed in great detail, spiritual elements still remain.

Episode Reviews

Oct. 25, 2021: “Past Is Prologue”

New mom Shanice is mysteriously transported 16 years into the future while on her way to work. Government workers hold Shanice and 4,400 other people from different historical periods, hostage in various hotels as they try and piece together what has happened. 

A woman from the past, Claudette, asks someone to cut her so that she can watch herself heal. She also mentions that her husband, a reverend, was abusive. We hear that many people have disappeared and that some have died. 

A young woman has telekinetic abilities. A woman from the past notes that there hasn’t been much progress in the way of racism, even in 2021. 

A married couple makes out in bed. Two women talk about their romantic relationship. God’s name is misused once and “a–” and “d–n” are each used once. A man and woman grab drinks at a local bar. 

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