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Country artist Jordan Davis is on a musical roll. He’s recently released two tracks that have topped country music charts and he is, apparently, not finished. His newest release is called “Midnight Crisis” and it features local Nashville talent Danielle Bradbery in a song about former lovers who are unable to move on from the memories of the past. 


Not being able to move forward from a past relationship isn’t really a positive, but it is positive when you realize that no small act will erase the memories, and that it’ll take hard work to heal and move forward: “I wish that I could solve this with a convertible/Or drop a thousand on some boots that ain’t returnable/…But this is a midnight crisis ‘cause I ain’t got you.” 


But neither party seems ready or willing to take those harder steps and move on at all. While neither person acts on their desires,they’d still rather replay past memories than going to counseling or finding a real way to healthily move forward: “I’m wide awake and I’m playin’ back our history/All that I’m wantin’ is you right now/…You’d walk in the room and be the mistake/That would undo all the progress I’ve made.” 


This latest country tune is finding its way across social media platforms. While the song has been out less than a week, more than 60,000 fans have responded on TikTok. And on YouTube, over 130,000 people have already watched the music video (which does, incidentally, include Davis sipping on hard liquor while Bradbery sports a crop top). 

As this song continues to rise, it’s clear that many people can relate to a former relationship that seems impossible to release–but no real healing ever comes unless the past is dealt with properly.

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