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Country artist Jordan Davis continues to climb the ladder of popularity with his smooth, country-pop style and fresh lyrics. The 34-year-old Louisiana native has released a few albums so far, along with the platinum-certified number one single, “Buy Dirt.”  

His most recent work, a track called “What My World Spins Around,” is a jaunty new track about the simple pleasures in life and how they pale in comparison to his bride. 


Davis shares a lot of things that he enjoys (“I love a first cast when the water’s glass/And the line starts to run/…I love the twilight in the morning/’Fore the day wakes up”) but that none of it “comes close” to the way he loves and adores his wife (“…Nothing comes close/To the way that it feels when you lean in and kiss me/… “I’m wrapped ‘round your finger like this ring I’m wearing”). 

He especially loves the life they share together (“I don’t even know what it is but now that I’ve found it, I can’t imagine me living without this…”) and its pure simplicity (“…Back 40 view on our piece of ground/Watching you watch the sun go down/That’s what my world spins around.”)


Davis references drinking a “cold one,” and comments on his wife when she gets “kinda tipsy.” 


If you like the combination of summer vibes and country tunes, then this song could potentially make your list. It is autobiographical in nature, and despite some references to drinking, it focuses on what Davis most appreciates–that being the simple pleasures in life and his bride.

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