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Bowser singing to Princess Peach


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Kristin Smith

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When you think of Jack Black, what comes to mind? 

For me, it’s the voice-overs for Kung Fu Panda, the silliness of Nacho Libre, the absurdity of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle or the hilarity of School of Rock

And yet, I’m not talking about any of those today. I’m talking about Jack Black’s song called “Peaches,” part of the soundtrack of the animated hit rocking the box office: Super Mario Bros. Movie.  

“Peaches” is a love ballad directed straight to Princess Peaches from Bowser, voiced by Black. It’s a short track, coming in at under two minutes, and somehow this video has already garnered close to 7 million views on YouTube. 

Sure, it may be a short ditty, but apparently people love watching Jack Black sing silly songs–especially when his tunes are directly tied to a beloved Nintendo masterpiece.

Positive Content

Bowser (voiced by Jack Black) plays the piano in a pink room while singing to Princess Peach. He admits that she is “cool,” that he “loves” her and that no one will keep him from her, including the movie’s heroes Mario and Luigi. He will not stop until she is his.

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I have to admit, Jack Black can really be hilarious. Some of his works are crude, to be sure, but this single isn’t one of those.

Instead, it’s an innocent, silly ballad directed by Cole Bennett with flashy colors and plenty of fun to (they hope) entice viewers to go see The Super Mario Bros. Movie

And I would say it’s working. The video is sitting at number two on YouTube’s Charts and is also charting on Spotify. 

Little-to-nothing is said if you’re just listening to the song, but viewers are in for a short Jack Black experience if they wander to the video. 

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