Vodcast: The Dark Knight, 10 Years Later

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There’s a sign/T-Shirt/bumper sticker going around that goes something like this: “Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman.”

We’d quibble with that here at Plugged In, and not just for the fact that even Batman doesn’t always want to be Batman. But we wouldn’t deny (or, at least, I wouldn’t) that the Caped Crusader is pretty cool. And, with the 10th anniversary of Christopher Nolan’s seminal (and difficult) superhero The Dark Knight being celebrated this summer, Kristin and I thought it was a good excuse to chat about a character, and a movie, that I’ve already spent way too much of my life talking/writing/thinking about.

So click below, Bat-fans. (And if you see something amiss with the first few seconds of the video, fear not: It’s just me attempting to preserve my secret identity.)