Plugged In Pick, YouTube Channel: Like Nastya

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Nastya is more popular than you.

The 7-year-old star (whose full name is Anastasia Radzinskaya) boasts 77 million subscribers on her main YouTube channel. Throw in another 10 related channels, and you can add 163 million more. All told, her videos have been watched a staggering 62 billion times.

I wouldn’t suggest adding another billion views single-handedly to Like Nastya’s stats. But a few? Even a few dozen? You could do a lot worse.

Like Nastya is as innocent as YouTube gets in some ways. Its pint-size star sings, performs in tiny melodramas, goes about her everyday life and interacts with her (very involved) parents plenty. While we pointed out a cautionary element or two in our full review, the channel is clean and innocent and—for kids, at least—kind of fun.

Paul Asay

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