Endgame Still Unstoppable

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Endgame, smash.

Forget Thanos. The real titan in theaters is Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame. The movie made hulkish amounts of money again this weekend, turning its competitors green with envy.

Just how big is Endgame? Consider this: Disney’s latest and (some say) greatest superhero flick lost nearly 60% of its weekend-over-weekend audience, and it still banked $145.8 million in North America alone. That’s the third-most-lucrative weekend of the year, trailing just its own mammoth $357.1-million take from last weekend and Captain Marvel’s $153.4 million debut back in March. All told, Endgame has already earned $619.7 million stateside, making it the year’s biggest blockbuster already and—domestically—the ninth-largest movie of all time.

If you think that’s impressive, just take a look at how it’s playing internationally.

Endgame earned another $282 million overseas, pushing its total to nearly $1.6 billion. Add that to its North American haul, and Endgame’s already earned almost $2.2 billion, hurtling it past Titanic to become the second biggest global release in history. (It trails only Avatar now, which earned a staggering $2.8 billion back in 2009-10.)

Endgame’s continued box-office gluttony left just scraps for the rest of the pack, including the weekend’s four new releases.

The Intruder proved to be the best of the rest. The thriller scared up an estimated 11 million to finish second, a mere $134.8 million behind Endgame. The Seth Rogen/Charlize Theron romcom Long Shot proved as good as its name, pratfalling to the weekend’s bronze medal with about $10 million. UglyDolls, an animated fable about self-worth even if you’re not the prettiest or strongest or richest, banked $8.5 million to finish fourth. (Hopefully, UglyDoll’s makers took the movie’s messages to heart.)

Captain Marvel closed out the top five with a $4.3 million weekend. It’s now earned a total of $420.8 million, making it 2019’s second biggest money maker.

The weekend’s fourth freshman flick, El Chicano, fell well outside the top five with an 11th-place, $700,432 gross. And as one of the few who saw the flick, the word “gross” seems rather appropriate.