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Why The Beatles Are More Important Than Pie

That Monday night, like most Monday nights, the Walnut Grove community was going through a dire dilemma. I can’t remember what their trial was during

Beatles In My Ears and In My Eyes

A few weekends back, the Fab Four rang out in my house in all their remixed and reanimated, digitized and repackaged glory. That’s right: I

Are We Happy Yet?

Facebook, the mammoth social networking site that seems to have its massive hands in–well, everything–is now tracking the “happiness” of its U.S. users. They call

Put Down the CrackBerry and Talk!

Some friends and I had dinner last night. During our conversation, we got onto the topic of technology and how it’s so addictive—how “CrackBerry” might

The Power of Music

So I just got done listening to the new Pearl Jam album, Backspacer. I confess, as a child of the ’80s, I was never much

Blowing Kisses to Polanski

It’s complicated. He’s a genius. C’mon, it was 30 years ago. She’s forgiven him! He’s 76, for crying out loud!! You’ve probably heard, somewhere in

3, 2, 1, Launch!

In the dark ages of 1990 when Focus on the Family launched what would soon become Plugged In, Edison’s light bulb was the light bulb,

Lying Liars and the Lies They Lie

I’m still ruminating over The Invention of Lying, Ricky Gervais’ new comedy. I saw it last night and it was, um, not quite what I

The Power of Film

Just ran across an interesting Q&A-style interview with Ken Burns, one of the United States’ best-known documentary filmmakers. He opened himself up to questions from

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