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Caleb Gottry

YouTube Channel Review

A soccer goalie, a creepily romantic librarian and Batman have helped make Studio C sketch comedy videos famous over the years.

While full episodes of their sketch comedy show live on BYUtv, Studio C has been uploading individual three-to-five-minute sketches on YouTube for almost 15 years.

The long-running comedy troupe, which traces its roots back to Brigham Young University, specializes in short-form sketch comedy. Sketches typically take a single, mundane idea (a party game, a house robbery, a difficult conversation) and exaggerate the results with a comedic twist (Bop It Extreme, paintball hold-up, operation breakup).


The ever-rotating cast is talented and funny. And the sketches are free of problematic language.

Many reoccurring bits are completely harmless, such as a character obsessed with bisque, an old driving instructor with cataracts and tongue-twister sketches where the whole cast struggles to get all the lines right.

Viewers can laugh along with the live audience, and cast-members occasionally break character, too—which can be funny in and of itself.


While the cast’s impressions of various pop-culture icons are impressive, some of the sketches might encourage your child to want to watch movies or engage with characters they may not be ready for (Batman, Lord of the Rings, The Martian, etc.).

Many of the sketches revolve around love. We see characters pine after one another, talk about “picking up girls” and share an occasional kiss.

Sometimes male roles are played by females and vice-versa, usually for comedic effect.

Some sketches feature bloody injuries, though usually comedically over-exaggerated. There is also occasional mild bathroom humor.

Given its beginnings at Brigham Young University, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a number of Studio C comics are Mormon. And religion forms a common foil in many of its sketches—which may give some families pause.  While the channel never bashes religion, some sketches discuss, for instance, heaven and hell; angels and devils on your shoulder; and in one case, a passive-aggressive pastor. In addition, there are sketches that mention Mormonism and Puritanism, seeming to make fun of both.


While Studio C did see a substantial change in cast three to four years ago, the (mostly) family-friendly hilarities continue to ensue. And the “classic” cast sketches remain popular.

Yes, the Mormon cast stays away from cursing, drinking and drugs, but parents of younger viewers should still be aware of the many romantic themes and those sketches that seem to make light of religion.

Caleb Gottry

Caleb Gottry is the Plugged In intern for Summer 2024. Caleb studies journalism with a minor in music at Texas Christian University, where he will be a junior in the fall. He loves playing with words, listening to and making music, and spending any spare time with friends or family.