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Lauren Cook

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“Gooood mythical morning!” comedy duo Rhett and Link open their daily variety show—just as they’ve done for nearly 2,000 episodes.

Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, childhood friends from North Carolina, started creating comedic content together in college. They started their first talk show, Good Morning Chia Lincoln (taking its name from the Abraham Lincoln Chia pet featured on the show), in 2011, but after various changes and format adjustments, Good Mythical Morning was born. Since its first episode in 2012, the comedy series has spawned 19 seasons, multiple spinoffs, and an entertainment company with dozens of employees.

Good Mythical Morning is uploaded every weekday morningand features Rhett and Link exploring their curiosity in an unbelievable number of ways, from trying every existing Hostess cake flavor to destroying various objects with an electric sander to making a McDonald’s Big Mac out of breakfast food. Each episode features a game, challenge or topic that Rhett and Link explore with abandon and humor. When it comes to Good Mythical Morning, nothing is off the table, no matter how bizarre.

Rhett and Link’s channel has become a YouTube staple; over nine years, it has garnered 17 million subscribers and more than 7 billion views. The duo has even gone mainstream occasionally, with celebrities such as Jack Black, Kobe Bryant, and Larry King appearing on the show.

Good Mythical Morning is founded on the tagline “always curious”—and sometimes, that curiosity leads them to more family friendly places than others.

Positive Content

Both Rhett and Link are married with children, and they talk frequently about how important their families are to them. They also make efforts to keep their language clean; profanity rarely appears, but when it does, it’s usually censored.

Comfort zones are virtually nonexistent on Good Mythical Morning, but generally in a good way. Rhett and Link use their own curiosity as a way to encourage viewers to be bolder, too, trying different foods and challenges that might make the average person afraid or uncomfortable. Part of this stems from the incredible trust they have in each other, a bond that’s obvious to anyone watching.

Content Concerns

While Rhett and Link do make an effort to keep Good Mythical Morning family friendly, objectionable content does find its way in, mostly in the form of suggestive references and toilet humor. One episode features them trying “professional cuddling,” in which they’re given various cuddling positions and attempt to recreate them together. They cuddle in intimate positions, joking about being in a “crotch-to-crotch situation.” Drawings are also shown of them shirtless and comedically over-muscled.

Most of the time, those suggestive references are brief and aren’t explicit. However, more gratuitous language is sometimes used. In an episode titled “Can We Remember the Dumb Things We Said?” in which Rhett and Link quiz each other on quotes they’ve made in previous episodes, Rhett makes fairly graphic references to male genitalia.

Profanity is very rarely an issue on Good Mythical Morning, but it does sometimes show up when celebrities appear on the show. Most language is censored, but God’s name is occasionally misused. In one episode in which actor Terry Crews is a guest, he uses the word “d—n” a few times.

Toilet humor can also be a problem. Rhett and Link both make crude jokes and references, such as in one episode where Link claims that “laughter is like farting out of your mouth.” They both use words like “doody” and “crap” in reference to feces. One episode features them doing a challenge in which they hold in their urine as long as they can.

In some episodes, Rhett and Link engage in destructive actions, such as one where they use various methods to destroy a Barbie doll. Heat guns, a lawn mower, a pencil sharpener, and a deli slicer are all used to tear the doll apart.

We should note that Rhett and Link were longtime Christians before they made a very public break from the faith in 2020, walking fans through their mutual decision to step away from faith. While that journey is rarely if ever reflected in Good Mythical Morning, viewers could stumble across the duo discussing their doubts and discomforts.

Channel Summary

Navigating the extensive catalogue of Good Mythical Morning episodes is a bit like navigating a minefield. Some episodes provide 15 minutes of innocent fun, as Rhett and Link hang out and attempt various challenges while maintaining a lighthearted atmosphere for their audience. Others, however, allow content that’s less squeaky-clean to enter the mix. Rhett and Link sometimes use immature humor and crude language, making their channel less suitable for young children.

The occasional appearance of more mature content turns Good Mythical Morning from a clean, fun channel for kids to one that parents should be aware of if they choose to introduce it to their children. With proper supervision, the channel could be a good alternative to the sea of objectionable content on YouTube. However, parents might want to hold off until their kids are old enough to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of Good Mythical Morning by themselves.

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Lauren Cook

Lauren Cook is serving as a 2021 summer intern for the Parenting and Youth department at Focus on the Family. She is studying film and screenwriting at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. You can get her talking for hours about anything from Star Wars to her family to how Inception was the best movie of the 2010s. But more than anything, she’s passionate about showing how every form of art in some way reflects the Gospel. Coffee is a close second.