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TV Series Review

Back in 2016, you got a glimpse of what Zootopia was like through the eyes of Judy Hopps, the city’s first “bunny cop.” You saw how she enlisted the help of reformed fox criminal Nick Wilde in solving the city’s largest conspiracy—that of predatory animals going feral for no apparent reason. And through that journey, you met many of the residents of Zootopia and its neighboring communities.

But while you got to know Judy and Nick quite well in the movie, you didn’t learn much about those other residents—and Zootopia+ aims to fix that.

Each episode only lasts about six minutes, but they’ll provide just a little more insight into what fan favorite characters (think Mr. Big, Flash and Duke Weaselton) were doing while Judy was hopping around Zootopia.

The season may scarcely scratch the 30-minute mark in terms of actual viewing content, but the big city provides a few concerns that earn the series its TV-PG rating: Characters are shown with alcohol in hand, and occasionally make subtle sexual jokes. Additionally, a couple misuses of God’s name will be heard.

We don’t know if Zootopia 2 will become a reality. Perhaps these Zootopia+ shorts are an indication to viewers that, no, Disney hasn’t forgotten about this animal kingdo—oops, I mean, democracy.

Episode Reviews

Nov. 9, 2022 – S1, Ep1: “Hopp on Board”

As Judy Hopps boards the train to Zootopia, her parents Stu and Bonny realize that their youngest daughter Molly has also stowed aboard, and the two chase after her.

Judy’s parents share a kiss, and Bonny says “baby” when she realizes their child is gone, prompting Stu to say “slow down, we’re just getting started.” They race their car by a group of animal nudists (the same ones from the original movie), and Stu comments that he “just saw the one place on a sheep that has no wool.”

Bonny hotwires their car. She and Stu nearly crash the car on multiple occasions. Stu uses a paper bag to help him breathe, and Bonny mentions that there’s a dirty diaper inside it.

Nov. 9, 2022 – S1, Ep2: “The Real Rodents of Little Rodentia”

A Real Housewives spoof depicts the shrew Fru-Fru as she plans her wedding—but her cousin’s backseat planning drives her crazy.

One shrew drinks alcohol and is always seen with a drink in her hand. A character mentions how someone “can’t handle his cheese.” Another shrew wears an ankle monitor. A group of shrews fight one another, and the psychological effects of Night Howler plants (integral to the original Zootopia plotline) later cause the shrews to go feral.

God’s name is abused twice. A shrew is cut off just as she begins saying “a–.”

Nov. 9, 2022 – S1, Ep3: “Duke the Musical”

After Duke Weaselton is embarrassed by being captured by Judy, he contemplates other jobs that he could make a quick dollar doing.

Someone dumps trash on Duke. Duke steals money from an elderly lady, and when he later tries to give it back, she is hit by a car (though she says she’s OK). Duke sings about how he could scam people through a plethora of other jobs.

People call Duke a “loser.”

Nov. 9, 2022 – S1, Ep4: “The Godfather of the Bride”

Mob boss Mr. Big recounts the trials and tribulations he faced while growing up as a shrew in Zootopia.

Mr. Big drinks wine, and another shrew appears to be intoxicated on cheese. Mr. Big is nearly stepped on throughout the episode. An animal is thrown into a car’s trunk by mobsters. Mobsters steal money and attack people.

Nov. 9, 2022 – S1, Ep5: “So You Think You Can Prance”

When Benjamin Clawhauser hears of a competition to become a backup dancer for a popular singer, he is excited. But he needs to first find a dance partner in order to qualify.

Benjamin tricks Chief of Police Bogo into performing with him. Benjamin and Bogo wear makeup and tight clothing during their performance. Benjamin exclaims, “Let’s dance our pants off. I mean, not literally, this is a family show.”

Nov. 9, 2022 – S1, Ep6: “Dinner Rush”

Sam the otter is trying to finish waiting her tables in order to get to a concert in time, but things go long when a pair of sloths arrive for a date.

The sloth, Flash, spits on Sam due to his slow-speaking nature. Sam pours the couple champagne. The cork of the bottle bounces around the restaurant, hitting customers. Two animals fight, screaming “shut up” at one another. Flash and his girlfriend attempt to kiss before being interrupted.

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