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The SuperKitties are indeed super. Each of these four adorable crimefighters—Ginny, Buddy, Sparks and Bitsy by name—come with his or her own unique power, ranging from being super strong to having a high-powered claw that can stick to almost anything. And when they join forces (which happens in every episode) their abilities blend purrfectly with each other.

But they’re Kittydale’s favorite heroes because they are brave, smart, and kind. Responding to the calls from their fellow animals looking for help, they learn lessons about friendship and doing the right thing, as they protect them with their superpowers and yarn blasters. The animal criminals always learn their lesson and help right their wrongs in the end.

SuperKitties is light-hearted and well-executed, set in content-concern-free Kittydale. The dangers faced by our fearless felines tends to be on the light side—appropriate for the show’s preschool audience. Airing on Disney Jr. (and streaming on Disney+), while most of the two-part episodes are wholesome and clean, the second half of episode 4 has the SuperKitties interacting with a pair of gay ducks and their adopted ducklings. While the lessons learned at the end of each episode are generally good and true, parents will want to be aware of that one caveat.

Episode Reviews

Jan. 16, 2023­­ – S1, Ep1: “Great Yarn Caper/Get the Boot”

In the first half of the episode, the SuperKitties pursue and eventually stop the Cat Burglar from stealing their friends’ favorite yarn items by returning his favorite yarn blanket to him. Then in the second part, they discover the power of spending time with good friends while stopping the Lab Rat from stomping on all the flowers in Kittydale.

The Cat Burglar wears a mask and steals yarn. The youngest SuperKitty almost gets hit with a giant ball of yarn before another  knocks her heroically out of the way. The SuperKitties fire yarn blasters from their cat-shaped helicopter to break a giant boot robot.

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