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TV Series Review

Some superheroes might like to save the day on their own. But teamwork is always a better choice for friends like Spider-Man, Ghost Spider and Spin.

Together these three (whose alter-egos are Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales) live out their everyday lives as normal elementary aged kids. But when a villain comes into view or a crisis develops, these kids have a  knack for saving the world, one web at a time.

Marvel Goes to Preschool

Disney has bridged the gap for younger kids looking to become a part of the Marvel universe with Spidey and His Amazing Friends. This new show, with each episode divided into two, 12-minute segments, is aimed at a preschool audience with its TV-Y rating and its lessons on teamwork, bravery, character and patience.

Unlike the other movies and television shows within the Marvel universe, this kid-friendly series stays away from language, heavy violence and sexual content. Instead, littles are introduced to Spider-Man and his friends as they team up to protect the city from bad guys like Doc Ock and Rhino.

Sure, some things get smashed and tossed around while people are being rescued, but no one is ever really hurt. And by the show’s end, everyone always learns a valuable lesson … even the bad guys.

Episode Reviews

Aug. 6, 2021: “Spidey To the Power of Three/Panther Patience”

Spider-Man, Ghost Spider and Spin learn to work together to defeat Rhino; Black Panther teaches Spider-Man a lesson on patience.

Rhino rams into a building and steals gold from a bank. Doc Ock steals Vibranium from an exhibit. Spider-Man and his friends struggle to work together.

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