Saturday Morning All Star Hits!

Saturday Morning All Star Hits





Kristin Smith

TV Series Review

If you’re looking for a place where creators revel in mixing old-school cartoons with adult storylines, Netflix is it. 

OK, perhaps not all Netflix creators are this way, but those of the series Saturday Morning All Star Hits!, certainly are. 

This TV-14 show, sometimes shortened to the acronym SMASH, comes from the minds of Ben Jones, Dave McCary and SNL’s Kyle Mooney, some of whom also star in the series. Each episode begins by setting up the old-school Saturday morning cartoon experience, but with an adult-touch.

There’s typically some live-action dialogue between hosts Skip and Treybor (both played by Kyle Mooney), which then turns into a parody of shows from the late ‘80s or early ‘90s, such as Thundercats, Denver, the Last Dinosaur and Care Bears. The shows are all parody snippets, which are then broken up by random, fake commercials.

As you may have guessed by the word parody, these snippets, along with their commercials, are transformed from the originals, renamed and include drinking, marijuana, profanity, sexual innuendo and mild violence. To be honest, if you’re not extremely familiar with these specific shows, the references and jokes may be difficult to follow. And even if you are completely aware of what’s happening, that doesn’t mean you’ll want to stick around for the mind-numbing, unnecessarily altered episodes.

Episode Reviews

Dec. 10, 2021: “Tape 1: SCHOOL”

Hosts Skip and Treybor introduce parodied shows from the ‘80s and ‘90s, those of which they’ve renamed, edited and altered with adult content. 

In one segment, a dinosaur named Randy kisses a woman, but later when they break up, he admits it’s because he doesn’t try in life, gets drunk often and has stopped kissing his human girlfriend as much. Randy contemplates suicide and says that he hates himself. Randy and his friends drink alcohol, smoke marijuana and destroy a home by fire during a house party. A dead body is revived after the fire. 

In another, the Care Bears threaten a middle-aged man to create artistic designs with them or die. Corporate shareholders tell a man that the pressure of his job might cause him to commit suicide; they also jokingly tell him he must eat a “bowl of barf” to show he’s commited to his job. 

A commercial includes a bloodied action figure fighting another action figure. A woman seduces her husband and the two joke about having sex. Men walk around shirtless in a locker room.

The phrases “d–mit,” and “shut up” are used a few times, along with a few misuses of God’s name.

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