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Technically, Rookie Blue has outlived its title. Six seasons in, the show is no longer stuffed full of with fresh-out-of-the-academy cops. They've all been on the job for a while now—but all are still young and attractive enough to ensure there'll be plenty of Grey's Anatomy-style sexiness going on behind the crime scene.

And that's really what matters on TV, right?

Good Cop

Central protagonist Andy McNally, engaged (at the time of this update) to fellow officer Sam Swarek, is a female officer with model-esque looks who has, so far, done a good job of maintaining an appealing balance between self-questioning insecurity and unquenchable desire to heroically serve. Among the other main characters are a street-savvy single mother named Traci; an out-of-his-depth Ivy League-type dubbed Dov; an icy, perfectly coiffed blonde named Gail who has family connections to the upper offices; and Chris, a gung-ho, from-the-neighborhood Hispanic with dreams of glorified copdom. All have become respected officers who give their best. But, of course, the older veterans on the force are still there to pound the youngsters into shape should they fall out of line. That interplay between youthful idealism and hard-earned experience is what makes this not-too-gritty, not-too-slick show watchable.

Bad Cop

Not so pleasing are the romantic hookups and other stereotypical cop show-isms that the creators toss in as audience teasers. Some of these boys and girls in blue are sneaking around for in-the-closet lip-locks and gropes. Most are cohabiting with someone or other, and at least one has had dalliances with a woman married to his superior. Thus, we sometimes see a little too much of these service-minded men and women without their uniforms on.

They also find plenty of time to unwind at the local booze hall. And even though Andy's dad is a retired cop who had to vacate the force because he was a drunk, she still sometimes joins her fellows—the whole squad, it would seem—in wading through a river of alcohol.

As for the criminal cases that ostensibly (but not always in reality) provide the plot-driven backbone to the show, drug dealing, prostitution and murder are usually front and center.

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Missy Peregrym as Andy McNally; Gregory Smith as Dov Epstein; Enuka Okuma As Traci Nash; Travis Milne as Chris Diaz; Ben Bass as Sam Swarek; Eric Johnson as Det. Luke Callaghan; Charlotte Sullivan as Gail Peck; Richard Chevolleau as Commissioner Alonso Santana






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