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Sarah Rasmussen

TV Series Review

“Being kind is never a waste of time.”

If Buns Bunny—or Superbuns, as she prefers to be called—could share only one message, it would be that one.

Using her powers of kindness (and expert balloon animal-making abilities), Superbuns supports her sister, Blossom, and all her neighborhood friends, including Kevin the hedgehog, Neville the hippo and Rhonda the bear. Using these kindness powers, Superbuns finds her friends’ lost items, celebrates their birthdays and mediates their arguments.


Based on Diane Kredensor’s children’s book of the same name, Peacock’s animated series Superbuns demonstrates practical ways that kids can show kindness to others. Each 21-minute episode is split into three seven-minute segments, each of which usually features a problem that Superbuns and her friends collaborate to solve.

Generally, the Superbuns episodes depict positive social interactions for young kids, and there isn’t much as far as content is concerned. However, families will want to note that Superbuns and Blossom live with their grandmothers, Meemaw and Geemaw. Although the details of the grandmothers’ relationship are not explicitly discussed, it is implied that the two are a same-sex couple.

Additionally, Superbuns and her friends spend a significant amount of their time roaming around their town without adult supervision, which sometimes causes minor moments of exaggerated peril (like riding in an out-of-control vehicle or flying through the air on a pool floaty). Occasional episodes also employ restroom humor.

Superbuns and her friends demonstrate that kindness is, indeed, a superpower, and the show teaches important lessons about including and helping others. However, with its inclusion of a same-sex couple, families may want to choose from the myriad of other children’s shows that teach the same kindness lessons.

Episode Reviews

Oct 12, 2023 – S1, E13: “Kindness Saves the Park”

The first segment titled “Gramma’s Day” features Superbuns’ and Blossom’s efforts to make their grandmothers the perfect gift.

In “Litter Perfect,” Rhonda and Blossom compete to see who can collect the most litter in the park. However, what begins as friendly competition soon gets out of hand.

In the final segment, “Birthday Bash,” Superbuns and her friends work together to make Neil the snail’s birthday a special day.

A character expresses frustration by saying the word “schnutz.” While driving a vehicle, Superbuns almost crashes into a building. In their efforts to win a contest, two characters inadvertently steal from other people. A character wears a crystal around his neck, though he does not suggest that it has supernatural powers. There are uses of restroom humor in the episode.

Oct 12, 2023 – S1, E12: “It’s Cool to Be Kind”

In “A Sticky Situation,” Superbuns attempts to help Rhonda, who is unable to speak after eating too many sticky honey treats.

In the second segment, “Pumped Up,” Kevin invites Superbuns and Blossom to play in his kiddie pool. When Kevin is unable to blow up his own pool floaty, Superbuns vows to help him.

In “Three to Tango,” Kevin and Neville argue about which dance moves should go in their talent show performance. Superbuns tells them that “friends don’t give up on friends,” and she helps them reconcile their friendship.

A character makes loud slurping noises while she drinks a glass of water. Meemaw calls Geemaw “honey.” While Neville and Kevin dance, they sometimes shake their bottoms; however, the movements do not appear to be suggestive in any way.

Oct 12, 2023 – S1, E1: “Kindness Saves the Day”

The first segment titled “Miss Bouncy McBouncer” begins when Blossom’s bouncy ball gets stuck in a tree. Superbuns vows to help using her superpower of kindness.

In the second segment, “In a Jam,” Superbuns and her friends meet a new resident of the neighborhood: a bear named Rhonda. Although the gang is originally apprehensive to befriend a bear, they find common ground.

The final segment titled “C’mon Caterpillar” features Superbuns’ efforts to protect a chrysalis before it transforms into a butterfly.

There is a brief moment in which a character releases a loud belch, and one scene’s tension stems from a character’s need to relieve herself.

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