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Kennedy Unthank

TV Series Review

The nearly two-decade-and-running hit British children’s show Peppa Pig, which centers on the experiences a town of animals have, is a blast for young children. Peppa and her family are an enjoyable group to watch, and the show’s narration might even get a chuckle out of parents. Episodes tend to have small, easy-to-learn lessons throughout, and the short runtime of each segment (typically between four and five minutes) will be easy for kids to process.

Those factors are likely a big reason as to why the show has continued its run for so long. And while the vast majority of Peppa Pig’s nearly 375 (and counting) episodes are pretty tame in terms of content concerns, parents will want to be aware of a couple of issues.

At times, Peppa and her brother, George, can be a bit rude and disrespectful to their parents—and sometimes, their parents will cave to their demands as a result. The family occasionally makes fun of Daddy Pig’s large stomach. One episode, “Mr. Skinnylegs,” teaches children (intentionally or not) that spiders aren’t dangerous to play with.

And in a recent episode titled “Families,” released in the United Kingdom on Sept. 6, 2022, the show introduced its first lesbian couple—a pair of polar bears who are raising a child together.

In general, Peppa Pig is an easy watch for both children and parents. But whereas most episodes are relatively content free, individual moments within episodes may encourage to push pause on Peppa.

Episode Reviews

Feb. 5, 2011: “Hiccups/Daddy Loses His Glasses/Polly Parrot/Snow/Dressing Up”

The episode features five stand alone segments: Peppa’s brother, George, gets a nasty case of hiccups; Peppa and George search for their father’s lost glasses; While visiting their grandparents, Peppa and George meet a pet parrot; Peppa and George play in the snow; Peppa and George play dressup and pretend to be their parents.

Peppa and George make flatulence sounds with their mouths. Peppa hits George with a large snowball.

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