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The music swells as an incessant buzzing begins once more. Trevor stares in horror as his nemesis, the bee, flys by again. He has tried everything to kill it, and he has succeeded only in damaging or destroying everything else.

Trevor is supposed to be taking care of the mansion of a wealthy couple. It is his first time working as a house sitter, and the couple has high expectations. He is a bumbling, though kind, man even in the best of circumstances—let alone when he finds himself in the fight of his life.

Not exactly a stinging endorsement of his house-sitting skills. The increasingly ridiculous skirmishes Trevor has with the bee cause disasters for the homeowners’ property. Trevor is a good man, but his actions are the definition of “don’t try this at home, kids.” That said, this lighthearted British comedy is as family friendly as it is chaotic.

Episode Reviews

June 24, 2022—S1 Ep1: “Chapter 1”

Trevor comes to the first house he is watching to start his new job. The couple leaves him with complex instructions in a mansion full of expensive cars and artwork. He is eager to make enough money to take his daughter on “holiday.”

The show opens with a flash-forward of sorts at Trevor’s trial, giving the viewer a glimpse of his many mishaps before jumping back to when Trevor first shows up at the house. He is being charged with 14 different crimes, ranging from negligence to arson, and he is guilty of all of them.

Trevor indicates that he was homeless and was jobless until recently. His motivation is his daughter, whom he loves dearly. A dog (who he’s also watching over as a house sitter) jumps on Trevor and licking his crotch area for a while. He breaks a statue and fixes it to cover it up. He manages to set the manual to the house on fire, contributing to more struggles.

June 24, 2022—1 Ep5: “Chapter 5”

Trevor comes in from the outside covered in dirt and has to clean himself up in the shower. He is having fun with the lights and music until the bee shows up again. He chases it around, and eventually believes that he killed it—and he has finally emerged victorious. The bee emerges nearly unscathed.

Trevor gets in the bathroom wearing only his underwear. Later, he walks around in only a bathrobe—presumably belonging to one of the home’s owners–which says “sexy minx” on the back. When Trevor believes he has caught the bee, he tries to burn it in the backyard. Music plays on a speaker while he sits with hands folded in prayer position.

June 24, 2022—S1 Ep9: “Chapter 9”

Things have clearly spiralled into total destruction as Trevor is increasingly enraged by the bee. He sets an absurd trap for the bee, fails, and attempts to burn it. He is found guilty in court and sentenced to three years in prison. After three months, he overhears a conversation that reveals the man whose house he was watching committed major insurance fraud. He turns him in, and wins his release, so he can finally go on holiday with his daughter.

Trevor causes an explosion to try to kill the bee, and he intentionally sets the house on fire. The explosion damages a car and plenty else. The relationship betweeen Trevor and his daughter shown to be positive and loving. Trevor almost seems to have experienced growth as he appears to be making friends with a bee, but then he goes back to trying to kill it as the show ends.

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