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Kung Fu Panda crashes back onto the screen—the small one this time—in Netflix’s comedic action show. Back to his hilarious antics, Po does damage to his reputation and must regain the people’s trust.

Villainous weasel siblings, Klaus and Veruca, are after the four powerful Tianshang weapons, which will allow them to raise an ancient army of the dead. Po must go on a quest around the world to stop them.

Joining him on his quest are Wandering Blade (a no-nonsense chivalrous warrior), master-thief-slash-con-artist, Rukhmini, and the greatest noodle maker in the world, Po’s dad, Mr. Ping. Blundering Po and his comrades must learn from each other and work together to protect their home countries.

The show has few content concerns, and the theme of unlikely heroism is continued from the Kung Fu Panda movies. The story incorporates some slapstick humor and mild violence as well as mystical elements. Characters also learn about the consequences of lying (and stealing), but it is otherwise family friendly.

Episode Reviews

Jan. 12, 2023 – S2, Ep1: “The Liar and the Thief”

Po worries about Blade when she takes on an attitude of “no rules” after learning she’ll never succeed in becoming a knight. Rukhmini convinces her old partner to help them steal a magical pendant from a powerful man.

A glimpse of the weasels’ army of the dead shows the creatures with glowing red eyes. Rukhmini wields the Endless Whip of Flame, a magical object that is pretty much what it sounds like. While searching for the Helm of Winds, the evil weasels Klaus and Veruca find their boat flying through the air as the helmet activates its powers as they get closer. A legend says a pendant will lead the wearer to one of the Tianshang weapons.

Characters get into scuffles, though nobody is seriously injured. A woman has fond memories of fights with her old partner that nearly led to their deaths. Rukhmini is disgusted that her hometown is no longer populated by thieves and con artists. She takes it upon herself to steal goods from local merchants until she is caught (though Po manages to get her out of trouble and returns at least one of the stolen objects). Characters lie (and some reap the consequences). Po’s crew plans a heist. Someone flatulates.

Jul. 14, 2022—S1, Ep1: “A Cause for the Paws”

Po is enjoying life as the famous Dragon Warrior, visiting fans and eating delicious food. He embarks on a food tour of China, but he gets caught up in a scuffle over a sacred gauntlet. Po ends up destroying a village and losing the artifact. His reputation is destroyed, but he meets Wandering Blade and wants to join her on her mission to save the world, so that he can prove himself worthy of the Dragon Warrior title again.

His worthiness will be tested by four scheming weasels, who take the gauntlet and are after a handful of other powerful artifacts. During an attempt by the weasels to steal the gauntlet, knives are thrown, though none of them hit any of the characters. The weasels are hit with a large wooden door, but they bounce back and threaten to cook the rhino defenders of the artifact. Po remarks with surprise that Wandering Blade is a girl, and she responds that she is a knight. She violently threatens Po a few times before leaving without Po (after initially telling him they could leave together).

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