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Friendship means everything. Especially to best friends Kiff Chatterley and Barry Buns. 

Although overachieving and optimistic Kiff (a squirrel) is the polar opposite from laid-back bunny Barry, their friendship is as thick as mud. Kiff needs a helping hand? Barry’s there. Barry needs help solving a problem? Kiff’s on her way. 

Together, this duo would do anything for the other. And in the quaint, quirky habitation of Table Town, they do just that. 

All Ya Need Is A Friend

Woodland creatures are front and center in the Disney+ series Kiff. But these animal families have some similarities to our real-world ones.

Kiff is a single child being raised by her work-boss mom and her dimwitted-but-loving dad. Meanwhile, Barry is one of four kids being raised by a single mom. And in the first two episodes, Kiff learns not only how great her best friend is, but also what it’s like to be a part of a bigger family where sibling rivalry and daily annoyances are quite typical. 

In this TV-Y7 series, there’s some vocalized teen angst from Barry’s older siblings, disobedience and discord. There’s also an interesting male presence here; Kiff’s father is clearly clueless and Barry doesn’t have a dad. So if you’re looking for a show with strong male role models, this isn’t it. 

But Kiff does showcase friendship, kindness, silliness, sacrifice and love. 

This is the sort of show that earns its rating for the angst and occasional off-putting comments. But also wins a few laughs for its witty writing while making audiences remember just how valuable childhood friendship really is. 

Episode Reviews

Mar. 15, 2023–S1, Ep1: “The Thirst to Be the First/Fourth Bath”

Kiff wants to be the first to drink out of the new school fountain, but her mom makes her stay home due to sickness and she tries to sneak out; Kiff has her first sleepover at her best friend’s house and learns what sibling life is like. 

Kiff tries to trick her dad into letting her go to school.

Barry’s older emo brother says that he’s “filled with too much teen angst” and wants to be left alone with his “horrible teen thoughts.” Barry and his siblings get into a big argument and one kid breaks a picture hanging on the wall. 

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