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Kristin Smith

TV Series Review

It’s not every day that you come into contact with a magical cookbook.

Stepsiblings Leo and Zoe, and their neighbor Ish, have recently become the proud guardians of a cookbook filled with magical recipes. And while they think that’s pretty cool and all, what’s even better is that this cookbook has been passed down for centuries and contains hidden secrets—secrets that can only be unlocked as the kids cook each new recipe and learn how to work together.

But this isn’t always easy.

Leo and Zoe might be stepsiblings, but their parents haven’t been married for very long and that can make learning a new normal pretty tough. And Ish, well, the Indian immigrant is trying to navigate the life she has in the United States with that of her rich heritage.

Like I said, tricky. But when these three put their heads together, they realize that their unique gifts work best when they’re combined as they take on the adventure of a lifetime.

Magic, Take Two

Based off the Amazon original series, Just Add Magic, this spinoff, Just Add Magic: Mystery City, is based in San Francisco and follows the time-traveling adventures of these three friends and their age-old magical cookbook.

Some parents naturally may be wary about the mystical aspects of the show. And viewers will be exposed to the occasional poor attitude mixed with some friendly disagreements. But other than that there’s little content here to worry about.   Kids will learn lessons of how to work to work together, how to reach out to family and how to put aside selfishness for the greater good. They’ll also learn historical lessons as these main characters travel through time. And, if you’re lucky, young viewers just might be inspired to whip up a tasty recipe for the whole family.

Episode Reviews

Jan. 17, 2020: “Just Add Opposites”

Stepsiblings Zeo and Leo and their neighbor, Ish, search their new magical cookbook for a recipe to make them strong. But their spell goes awry, and they find themselves able to do only the opposite of what they’re asked.

Zoe, Leo and Ish lie to one another, have poor attitudes, act out in a restaurant and get into a few disagreements. Leo plays a video game with a dragon and other magical creatures. A married couple kisses.

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Kristin Smith

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