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Emily Clark

TV Series Review

Cory Carson is a car! And whether he’s helping his mom plan a surprise anniversary dinner or competing in a dance competition with his friends, he’s ready to go, go, go!

Not that any of that is too unusual—not here. In a world where everyone is a car or a truck or a helicopter, Cory Carson feels sort of like Pixar’s Cars. But it’s even friendlier than that. No one throws a rod or has trouble with their transmission. Cory and his friends are polite. The worst problem Cory faces is an occasionally annoying little sister. And when he does come across some frustration, the adults in his life, from his parents to his neighbors, are always willing to lend a helping hand—er, wheel.

I will say this, Cory can sometimes be a little bossy and a little yell-y when he gets upset. And the grown-ups in his life don’t always correct his behavior. But they do try to help him work through his problems. (Human grown-ups should also be aware that we hear some mild name-calling between children, such as “stinky stinkerhead.”)

However, by the end of every episode, Cory has learned some valuable lesson that can be passed on to any kiddos watching the lovable little car. Sure, the show has a few tiny bumps—but for the most part, Cory Carson runs smoothly.

Episode Reviews

March 1, 2020: “Copy Car”

When Cory’s little sister, Chrissy, starts copying his every action, Cory grows increasingly irritated trying to find a way to get her to stop.

Cory takes a bath and gets annoyed when Chrissy joins him. He yells in frustration when she refuses to stop mimicking him. He tries to trick her into calling herself a “stinky stinkerhead.”

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Emily Clark
Emily Clark

Emily studied film and writing when she was in college. And when she isn’t being way too competitive while playing board games, she enjoys food, sleep, and indulging in her “nerdom,” which is the collective fan cultures of everything she loves, such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

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