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TV Series Review

Let me tell you a tale about Earth, random teleportation portals and a place called Centaurworld. 

There once was a horse, named Horse, and she had a rider, named Rider, and they were accustomed to galloping through war-torn lands and forging head first into battle. One day, Horse and Rider returned to their village with a mysterious artifact called The Artifact, to discover that their home was burned to the ground. They quickly fled to a high cliff to seek refuge. 

But Horse accidentally slipped off the cliff. She plummeted toward her seeming death with The Artifact by her side. Yet, when she landed, she was not dead. Instead, she was transported through a mysterious portal to a new world called Centaurworld. In the colorful Centaurworld, thousands of different-looking centaurs live in oblivious happiness as they traipse through the day singing silly songs. Quite the opposite of everything Horse has known.

But she’s adjusting. At least, she’s trying. Because the only way to get out of this place and reunite with Rider is to team up with a group of Centaurworld natives: Wammawink is a pink alpaca with motherly instincts; Ched is a tiny flying centaur that is both rude and cynical; Zulius is a Zebra-like centaur with a distinctive, effeminate flair; Durpleton is a giraffe-like centaur with a stabbed alligator attached to his back (which he lovingly refers to as his son, Stabby); and Glendale is a gazelle-like centaur with an urge to steal all things shiny. 

Together, this rag-tag group is dedicated to helping Horse successfully get back to Rider and prepare for the battle that is soon to befall Centaurworld. And they use the mysterious Artifact, the help of numerous centaur shamans and their knack for breaking out into song to lead the way. 

Not All Animation is Created Equal 

Surprise, surprise. Netflix has just released another season of a musical, animated original called Centaurworld. This TV-Y7 series was first released in the Summer of 2021. And, apparently, people wanted more. 

Each 20-ish minute episode focuses on Horse attempting to get back to the real world to help Rider and fight a war that is soon to come to Centaurworld. Sounds kid-friendly, right? Well, Netflix seems to think so. Which is why they’ve given this series a TV-Y7 rating. 

But I can assure you that this is not a show for kids. Centaurs make dark jokes that usually take song-form. A few male centaurs are evidently effeminate and make sensual jokes about other male centaurs, and the gender of some centaurs is purposefully indistinguishable. Shamans are often used to help figure out the future and the words “stupid” and“flunken,” an f-word stand-in, are heard many times.

Get ready, because Centaurworld is not a place you enter into lightly, no matter how colorful and whimsical things may seem.

Episode Reviews

December, 7, 2021: “Horsatia Wighair Beansz?”

Horse tries to warn the creatures of Centaurworld that a battle is soon coming their way, but no one seems to care. 

Horse sings songs about death and war. Horse fantasizes about her own looks. A male centaur makes sensual comments about another male centaur. Multiple centaurs are shirtless and some are eye-less. Many centaurs appear to be both male and female. 

A centaur steals jewels off of a door. A rich centaur drinks wine in excess while another jokes about drinking a Bloody Mary. A centaur calls a hologram a “demon”. The f-word stand-in “flunken’ is used once, a centaur says “oh my God” and the word “stupid” is heard multiple times.

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