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Camp Snoopy





Caleb Gottry

TV Series Review

The familiar black-and-white beagle is no stranger to the screen. Neither are his yellow-feathered friend Woodstock; the bossy, blue-eyed Lucy; nor his hopelessly optimistic owner, Charlie Brown. That’s right, the Peanuts gang is back and (apart from their voice actors) haven’t changed a bit.

But instead of cooking a Thanksgiving dinner or going on a quest for the perfect Christmas tree, as you might remember from the popular Peanuts holiday specials, this show centers on the adventures of Snoopy, the Beagle Scout. Snoopy and his fellow scouts must earn some badges. So, they tag along with Charlie Brown and company on their camping trip. Along the way, the Peanuts characters learn lessons from the Beagle Scout manual.

Each 20-minute episode is divided into two parts. And through the happenings at Camp Spring Lake and the adventures of Snoopy and his Beagle Scouts, we learn lessons about outdoor survival, friendship, dealing with loneliness, and determination.

While one Peanuts fan theory is that Marcie and Peppermint Patty are a lesbian couple, there’s nothing so far in Camp Snoopy to suggest they’re anything more than good friends. Even Marcie still calling Peppermint Patty “sir” seems no more than the classic trope dating back to the decades-old comic strips.

Peanuts traditions are upheld in the show, which means that Lucy is still very rude, Charlie Brown still has a crush on the Little Red-Haired Girl and the adults still don’t have speaking roles.

A blast of nostalgia for those who grew up on the TV specials and safe for kids, Camp Snoopy is a fun family watch from the Peanuts world.

(Editor’s Note: Plugged In is rarely able to watch every episode of a given series for review. As such, there’s always a chance that you might see a problem that we didn’t. If you notice content that you feel should be included in our review, send us an email at [email protected], or contact us via Facebook or Instagram, and be sure to let us know the episode number, title and season so that we can check it out.)

Episode Reviews

June 13, 2024 – S1, E1: “A Beagle Scout Prepares/Teach a Bird to Fish”

When Snoopy finds out that his troop may be dissolved, he initially gives up. That is, until he finds his Beagle Scout manual. Then, he takes action.

Meanwhile, Charlie Brown and his friends are off to Camp Spring Lake, and much to Lucy’s dismay, Linus is still bringing his blanket.

Marcie learns how to row a canoe, and Woodstock and the other beagle scouts learn how work as a team to pack lunches for their trip.

When they get to camp, it’s time for the Beagle Scouts to get their fishing badges.

Unfortunately, Woodstock is the only one that doesn’t catch a fish, but he still gets a badge for patience and dedication.

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Caleb Gottry

Caleb Gottry is the Plugged In intern for Summer 2024. Caleb studies journalism with a minor in music at Texas Christian University, where he will be a junior in the fall. He loves playing with words, listening to and making music, and spending any spare time with friends or family.

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