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Emily Clark

TV Series Review

Hope Springs is home to quite the collection of supervillains. Luckily, it’s also home to a crew of superheroes: the Action Pack.

Using their powers to help their community and stop pesky bad guys (sometimes by knocking them around with said powers), Treena, Clay, Wren and Watts always save the day.

The show doesn’t explain how members of the Action Pack got their powers. They use gadgets to strengthen their abilities, but there’s also some mystical components, with the mention of a wizard and other realms. However, this mystery isn’t the show’s main focus.

Action Pack emphasizes teamwork and kindness, teaching the young heroes (and their nemeses) important lessons about sharing, fixing your mistakes and facing your fears. And those lessons are imparted on the youngsters watching at home as well.

Episode Reviews

Jun. 6, 2022 – S2, Ep1: “Super Meowzers/Story Crime”

Watts must face his fear of cats when an ancient superhero cat visits their realm. Action Pack teaches the importance of sharing when a mean kid steals library books.

Mr. Ernesto, the Action Pack’s mentor, tells the Action Pack about two superheroes that were sent to a magical land by a wizard where they could play together forever. One of these heroes, a cat that helped people face their fears, is accidentally summoned by Watts (and the portrait depicting the cat and her owner changes when this happens). When Watts overcomes his fear and pets her, a portal opens up in the museum so she can go home (and her portrait changes back to reflect this).

A boy uses a gadget and some robotic teddy bears to steal a bunch of library books. Sky, Clay’s little sister, uses her own powers to become a giant and chase the boy after he takes her favorite book. Action Pack uses their powers to stop Sky, fend off the bears and take the books back. The heroes teach both Sky and the boy the importance of sharing and taking turns in the process.

Jan. 4, 2022 – S1, Ep1: “Fright at the Museum/Catching Cold”

The Action Pack jumps into action when someone tries to steal dinosaur bones from the museum. Then, they stop a kid from freezing Hope Springs.

Characters use their special superpowers (augmented by gadgets) to manipulate plants, fly, imitate animals, create plasma shields, shoot lightning and create an artificial winter. Some people get knocked around, but nobody is ever seriously hurt. When a girl falls from a tall building, her friends save her.

People also apologize for their wrongs and fix their mistakes. After destroying a dinosaur sculpture, the team puts it back together. Cold Snap, the boy who tried to make it winter, apologizes for freezing people and plants when he realizes that nobody was having fun but him. And he makes amends by warming things back up and offering free ice cream to the people of Hope Springs.

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