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Get your ears ready for a smooth mix of country and pop with Thomas Rhett’s encouraging single, “Where We Started” from his sixth studio album of the same name. 

Rhett wrote this track with Jon Bellion and later asked Katy Perry to add her vocals to the mix. This song is like an encouraging letter that asks listeners to remember where they’ve come from when the present seems like too much to handle.

Positive Content

Rhett and Perry sing to those they love on the days “when [they’re] brokenhearted” or when they get knocked down by life, to be encouraged by looking back at “where [they] started.” 

They acknowledge that “talk is cheap.” Sure, you can verbally affirm someone, but it’s helpful to remind them about all they’ve overcome as they look into the unknowns of the future. And the best part is that they’re promising those they love that they’ll be by their side through it all.

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Track Summary

This catchy song is really an encouragement from Rhett and Perry to their significant others. It’s a sweet way to let those they love know that when the present seems so difficult and the future feels overwhelming, to take a step back and remember everything they’ve been through and, as the song tells us, where they started.

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