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TikTok makes tons of songs famous, and it also helps plenty of music artists climb their way to fame. Like country artist Walker Hayes with his latest hit, “Fancy Like,” a lighthearted song about his wife of 20 years.


According to Hayes, it doesn’t take much for his wife to love and appreciate him (“Don’t need no mansion to get romancin’/…Take her to Wendy’s can’t keep her off me/She wanna dip me like them fries in her frosty”).

But Hayes comically makes it known that when he gets paid, he’s gotta “spoil [his] baby with an upgrade,” which includes “country kisses on my lips without the Skoal in ‘em,” “Applebee’s on a date night,” a “Bourbon Street steak,” and an “Oreo shake” on “one check.”

These little luxuries, Hayes says, are all he and his wife need to live their best lives together. And a playfully suggestive reference to his wife “keeping some Victoria Secrets” later on shows that their love life is healthy in that area too …


… even though that winking allusion to maritial intimacy might be more information than we need to hear about.

Hayes also jokingly mentions that he and his wife are so high maintenance that they drive around with cheap beer in the back of their truck (“Natty in the Styrofoam”).


This funny, relatable country-pop song is all about Walker Hayes and his easy-going wife, their chill date nights (and what may go on afterward) and romance. Some mildly suggestive marital winks

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